One place to do business. At Arise we want to support your business to turn it into something great: we have the right mix of people, physical spaces, tech workshops, business and academic expertise, financing adviceā€¦ and plenty of can-do attitude. If you choose to join our innovation centre community in Chelmsford you can access ARU's facilities.


As part of Arise, members have access to additional services including ARU's new gym - 'The Old Factory', sports facilities, students cafe 92, Digital Copy Services, Employment Bureau and the library.

We have a range of R&D facilities on campus to support your business. Engineering facilities include Built Environment, Mechanical, Civil and Medical Engineering Labs and Workshops and Additive Manufacturing facilities.

Occupants can avail of a number of hours complimentary meeting room space per month, included in the service charge and dependent on their office unit size. Rooms will be made available on a first-come-first-served basis.


Arise Chelmsford
Alan Cherry Drive

Tel: +44(0)1245 407400
Email: chelmsford@ariseinnovation.co.uk